2 Inexpensive Measures You Can Take to Stage Your Home for Prospective Buyers

Posted on: 4 August 2021

If you are planning to sell your home soon, you are likely hoping to receive top dollar for your property. Nevertheless, in order for a buyer to select your property, they may need to see it in the best possible light. To present your house to prospective buyers in an appealing manner, consider staging the home. The process of staging involves placing furnishings and decor in a manner that maximizes the square footage of your home and helps the interior space look more inviting.

A realtor can recommend a professional stager for your property. However, they can also offer you effective ways to stage your home on your own. Here are a couple of inexpensive measures that you can take to prepare your home to be viewed.

Reorganize Your Bookshelves

If you have lived in your home for a prolonged period, you may have a large collection of books on your shelves. Some of these items may be cherished. However, others may simply be cluttering the space on your bookshelf. To revamp your bookshelves, discard books that you have no desire to keep or donate them to a local charity. Try to have the books cover less than half of the available space on your shelves.

The reduction in clutter can help neutralize the ambiance of your home, allowing buyers to visualize the shelves displaying their personal books and collectibles. Additionally, removing some of the books helps to highlight the structural details of your shelving instead of drawing the buyers' focus to your books.

Organize Your Cupboards

When a buyer tours your home, they are likely to open the doors of your kitchen cabinets to assess the storage space available. Many people have glasses and dishes of various sizes and shapes in their cupboards. Although the arrangement may work for your family as they select a plate or glass for a meal or snack, a random collection of stoneware and cups may appear disorganized to a buyer.

To stage your cabinets, remove all of the dishes and glasses that don't appear to be a part of a cohesive set. The leftover items that you would like to keep can be stored away for transport to your new home. Additionally, items that appear to be in poor condition can be discarded, and those that remain can be donated. Organizing the cabinet space can help buyers view your kitchen as an orderly, work-friendly space, where they can prepare meals and entertain their own guests.

For more tips that you can take to stage your property, schedule a consultation with a real estate agent in your local area.


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