5 Tips For A Successful House Hunt While Pregnant

Posted on: 28 July 2020

Are you considering looking at homes for sale during your pregnancy? Many soon-to-be parents find themselves wanting a home of their own or an upgrade with a new baby coming soon. But house shopping during this emotional and exciting time can have its own pitfalls. Here are five key ways to avoid the most common problems. 

1. Don't Rush Into Anything. A parent who wants a home for their new arrival may end up rushing into a purchase. There is, after all, a deadline before things change and become more complicated. But this could result in buying the wrong house, overpaying, failing to do enough research, or buying the wrong market. Take your time, perhaps even crafting a plan to handle a home purchase after the baby arrives.

2. Think Longer Term. Even if you plan to buy only a 'starter home', remember that things can change and you might end up there longer than planned. The best way to approach your search for a 'starter home' is to envision staying in this home for the first 5 to 7 years of your child's life. That may mean being a little more picky or considering factors like school choice.  

3. Consider the Neighborhood. For new parents, the local community and businesses are likely to be a centerpiece of their world for a while. So it's important to check out any potential neighborhood to see how comfortable you feel in it, what it offers to children and young families, and how easily you can access services you'll need. 

4. Imagine 'Babyproofing' Your Home. As your little one grows and becomes active, your home will need to provide fun and safety. Look at any home — even a starter — with an eye to how safe it will be. An open floor plan, for instance, may not be conducive to keeping kids out of dangerous areas of the home. And a multi-story layout could be dangerous or time-consuming for a family. 

5. Form a Team. Pregnant parents should avoid unnecessary stress and may even need to limit their physical activity. So form and take advantage of a team of friends, family, and real estate professionals to provide help and support. You might, for instance, enlist family members to look at homes first. Your real estate agent can also do some of the research and leg work involved. And you might want to hire professionals to pack, move, make repairs, and do other necessary tasks. 

As you follow these few tips for house shopping as a soon-to-be parent, your load will be lighter and your welfare will be prioritized. And then — whether or not you find the perfect house — you can enjoy this aspect of preparing for your little bundle of joy. 


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