Tips For Preparing For The Final Walkthrough When Selling Your House

Posted on: 25 July 2018

As the seller of a house, you will have a lot of things to do before you can close on the house and transfer ownership to the new house. The main job you will have during this time is packing up your house and moving things out, and you should plan to have this completed a few days before closing, because this is when the final walkthrough will occur.

What is the final walkthrough?

Before the buyer of your house closes on the loan and takes possession, he or she has the right to walkthrough the entire home to make sure the home is in the condition it should be in. This will normally take place at least one day before closing, but it may occur several days before closing. During this time, the buyer will look at the condition of the home and will make sure the seller has left all the necessary things. The buyer will also inspect any items that were supposed to be fixed, changed, or replaced. If the buyer finds problems, it could delay closing.

How do you prepare for it?

There are many things you will need to do to prepare for this event, but the main thing is to make sure you empty everything out of your house. In other words, you should be all moved out before this takes place. Secondly, you should make sure you clean the entire home, leaving it as spotless as possible. This includes cleaning all the appliances, the garage, and the yard. You should also take care of completing any jobs that you agreed to on the purchase offer.

Next, you should leave items in the house for the buyer. This includes owner's manuals for all the appliances and systems, as well as warranty forms for these things. You may also want to shut the water off to the house if you are all moved out. This is done as a safety measure to prevent the house from flooding if a problem developed with the plumbing system. You should not leave the keys to the house on the counter at this time, because the closing has not yet occurred, but you will need to bring the keys to closing.

Getting ready to close on your house is an exciting event, and you should do all you can to make sure the closing can go through. If you have questions about preparing for this, talk to a real estate agent who specializes in single family homes today.


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