Turning That Small Bathroom Into A Larger One With Staging Tips

Posted on: 19 December 2017

When you want to show your home's best attributes, you want to try to make the bathroom become one of them. Most buyers put a lot of weight into two areas of the home and those areas include the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, then you are already doing to be at a disadvantage. However, there are some tricks you can do that may help turn the bathroom into one that shows well, regardless of its smaller square footage.

Take extra care with cleaning every nook and cranny

If you have any areas where you can't clean them to look new, then they will be what someone focuses on in the small bathroom and this can mean all your hard work didn't yield you the results you were hoping for. If you are unable to get the grout in your shower looking clean, no matter how much you work on it, then you may want to have it re-grouted. It won't take a lot of time or money to do this and it can make a world of difference to how much someone likes the bathroom when they step inside of it.

Consider swapping out your sink and vanity if it helps

If you have a large bathroom vanity and sink that takes up most of the room in the bathroom, then you may find removing it and replacing it with a nice pedestal sink may give the bathroom a more cheerful look where more space is added. You can install shelves on the walls for the storage you will be losing from removing the vanity.

Remove dark objects and paint

Dark and large objects or dark paint can make an already small bathroom feel even smaller. You want to keep it as light and airy as possible. Also, making sure there is a large mirror up can add the feeling of more space. If you have a small window, you may want to see about replacing it with a larger one that opens up the bathroom more and lets in more natural lighting. You should even go with a lighter colored shower curtain.

Remove all your things from the bathroom

Start by removing the toilet covers; floor mats and all of your family's personal hygiene, hair care, and makeup items. If you are still going to be using the bathroom, then you should get a large basket to keep your hygiene products in, so you can carry them in and out with you. This way, when you get a surprise call from someone coming to see the place, you know the bathroom is ready for viewing.

Consider swapping out your toilet

Toilets can take on a lot of abuse throughout the years and if you aren't able to get yours looking brand new, then it may be a better decision to have a new one installed. You can choose from many models, allowing you to go with one that also takes away as small of an amount of floor space as possible. 

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