Layout Details To Consider Before You Buy Commercial Real Estate

Posted on: 19 December 2017

In the world of commercial real estate brokering, you definitely want to hire a real estate agent who specializes in helping clients buy commercial properties. Partnered with this professional, you'll be able to discuss and visit listings that you believe will suit your criteria. When possible, task your agent with getting you floor plans of each commercial building that you're thinking of buying. Whether you plan to set up a retail store, office space, or something in between, you'll need to consider a variety of layout-related details before you decide to submit an offer — and a floor plan, coupled with in-person visits, can help you make up your mind. Here are some layout details to consider.

Where Staff Will Sit

Between a thorough analysis of the floor plan and a visit to the location with your agent, you should be able to come up with an idea of where people will sit. This is especially critical if you're looking at buying a commercial property to use as office space. Consider the number of staff members you have, how much space they need around them, and other similar factors when you're assessing the commercial space that you're thinking about buying. The last thing you want is to buy the location, move into it, and realize that it doesn't give you enough space.

Suitability For Your Company

Not every type of commercial real estate will adequately suit every type of business. While it's an option to thoroughly renovate the space to accommodate your needs, doing so can present a considerable expense and cause a delay in your company's ability to move in. As you look at the layout of the space you're considering, evaluate how suitable it is for your company. If you're a law office, for example, an open-concept space may not be good, because your attorneys will need private offices to have confidential conversations with clients.

Space For Future Expansion

While the physical size of the building is worth noting when it comes to thinking about future expansion, you should also assess the layout of the space. You ideally want the interior to be laid out in a manner that you can eventually expand your operation into part of the building. For example, if the building is L-shaped, you might set up your staff in one side of the L with the hopes of eventually populating the other side, too. Some building layouts are more conducive to future expansion, so you'll want to keep this in mind.


Talking With Your Real Estate Agent About Your Needs

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