Tips For Selling A House That Has Tenants

Posted on: 24 February 2017

If you own a house that you are renting out and decide to sell, you may encounter some challenges, simply because there will be tenants living in the house. These tenants do not have the same motivation to sell the house like you do, and this can make the task a little harder. Here are several tips to help you know how to handle this and get your house sold.

Talk to the tenant

The first step you should take is discussing the situation with the tenant to find out his or her thoughts. This will help determine how to sell the house while it is being rented. If the tenant seems very willing to work with you on this, you might be able to put it up for sale while the tenant is living there. Before you do this, make sure the tenant understands that the house must be clean at all times and that he or she must allow showings with short notice.

If the tenant seems highly opposed to this idea, you might want to take a different route to sell this house.

Wait for the tenant's lease to be up

When a tenant is not willing to show the house and keep it clean, putting it up for sale with the tenant living there might not be the best option. You might want to wait until the tenant's lease is up and then cancel the lease. In other words, tell the tenant that when the lease is up, you will not be renewing it so he or she must move out. Be sure to give the tenant plenty of notice so he or she has time to make other arrangements.

If the tenant is unwilling to work with you and you are forced to use this option, you should realize this option may also have some challenges. The main challenge is that it can be harder to sell a home that is empty. When a house is not lived in and has nothing in it, it can be hard for people to imagine living there.

Stage the home

To make it easier to sell a vacant home, you may need to stage it. This will involve bringing in some furniture to make it look more appealing. You do not necessarily need furniture in every room, but you should include living room furniture and furniture in the dining room. You may also want to put furniture in at least one of the bedrooms.

If you have any questions about selling a house you own, you may want to contact a real estate agent to learn more.


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