Want To Sell Your House Fast? Use These 8 Open House Tips

Posted on: 2 February 2017

Preparing for your first open house can feel stressful, even if you are not the real estate agent in charge. If you are a motivated seller, you want your first open house to go according to plan. These tips will help you set up your first open house for success.

1. Ensure your open house does not coincide with major events.

Weekends are the best time to host an open house, but unfortunately many major events also occur on these days. Ensure that your first open house does not fall during a major event, like a holiday or the Superbowl for instance.

2. Be willing to move some furniture into storage.

Your real estate agent may recommend that you move some furniture out of the way for staging. Buyers want to imagine their own furniture in the house, and you may need to offer some additional space.

3. Remove some items that don't come with the house.

If you don't want to include the dishwasher, ceiling fan, or other seemingly permanent fixtures of the home, you should remove them before your open house. This prevents buyers from confusion.

4. Remove clutter.

It's time to clean up. Even if your house is technically clean, you don't want to have clutter lying around. Make sure you pick up counters, floors, and other flat surfaces. Buyers often can't get over items lying around the house.

5. Make your home as bright as possible.

Natural lighting is essential for an open house. Make sure to open up those curtains and blinds to let in the light rather than to focus on other lighting options.

6. Find a place for Fido to stay.

Homes where pets live may have a difficult time selling. You especially do not want pets present during the open house, as people need to be able to walk around the home freely without worrying about them.

7. Plant some flowers.

The outside of your home matters too. Make sure to spruce it up. Adding flowers will bring some much needed color to the yard.

8. Bring in nice smells.

Nobody wants to buy a house that smells bad. Make sure to bring in candles, wax melts, or poutpourri to make the house smell pleasant and homey.

Now that you know what your real estate agent and buyers want from you, it's time to get started. Still have questions? Speak to your real estate agent about some more open house tips.


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