Buy A Home? Be Sure To Do These 3 Things Right After Moving In

Posted on: 27 January 2017

As the home buying process starts ramping down, you'll be coming close to the day when you finally get the keys and can start moving in. When the day arrives, you should immediately do a few things.

Change Your Locks

You may have the keys, but you can never be sure who will still have an extra copy from when the previous owners owned the home. For all you know, a dog walker could still have an additional set of keys and have access to your home. That's why you need to change all of the locks right after you move into the home.

Plan to schedule an appointment with a locksmith right after you close on the house, so you have no worries about security once you start moving your belongings in. In addition, it's a great time to rekey all of the locks so that they use a single key.

Find Utility Shut Offs

It will take some time to adjust to your new home, and you won't initially know where everything is located at first. Take a moment to locate main shut offs in your home for all your utilities. This includes electric, water, and gas.

The shut off for gas is often near where the gas meter is in your home. Locate it, and try to find valves nearby that allow you to shut off all the gas going to all appliances. Water shut offs are often located in a similar place—close to the meter or where the main water line enters your home. Knowing the location is essential for if you ever have a pipe burst and need to quickly shut down the water. Electric will be at the main circuit breaker, which may be hidden behind an object like a mirror or picture frame.

Perform Basic Maintenance To Appliances

You can never be quite sure how long it has been since the previous owner performed basic maintenance to their appliances. As a new homeowner, start off by taking care of a few necessities so you know exactly when they were done. Some of these things include:

  • Replace the air filter for your HVAC system
  • Drain the water from the hot water tank to remove sediment
  • Clean out the trap in the dishwasher for food waste

Doing these things will give you peace of mind that things are taken care of after you move in. For more information, contact local professionals like ERA Key 1 Realty Inc.-Cindy Frank.


Talking With Your Real Estate Agent About Your Needs

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