Tiny Living, Big Life: Finding The Right Realtor To Help You Purchase Your Tiny Home

Posted on: 1 April 2016

With the cost of real estate on the rise, many millennials are making the choice to invest in smaller homes rather than large properties. If you are hoping to take advantage of the tiny house movement, finding a realtor to help you complete the purchase process can be a challenge. Here are three tips you can use to ensure you partner with a realtor that will help you find the tiny house of your dreams.

1. Ensure that your realtor knows about the tiny house options available in your area.

When it comes to buying a tiny house, there are many options available. To ensure that you end up purchasing the small house that is best suited to meet your unique needs, you need to partner with a realtor who understands the options available in your area.

A realtor that can show you both stationary and mobile tiny homes will be able to give you a diverse range of properties to choose from when you are trying to purchase your first tiny home.

2. Ensure that your realtor understands the financing requirements of a tiny home.

Purchasing a tiny home can be different from purchasing traditional real estate. Since the price of a tiny home is usually significantly less than that of a larger home, your financing options may be limited.

Working with a realtor who has experience partnering with loan companies and underwriters who finance tiny homes can be beneficial as you navigate the process of securing a loan for your tiny home purchase.

3. Ensure that your realtor is approved by tiny home communities in your area.

Many tiny home enthusiasts have come together to create communities made up exclusively of tiny homes in various areas throughout the country. If you are hoping to move into a tiny home community, it's important to recognize that these communities might have lists of approved realtors.

Professionals who have proven their ability to handle the negotiation and purchase of tiny homes can be a valuable asset to a tiny home community. If the community you would like to move into has a homeowner's association, be sure that your realtor is approved by the association before moving forward with the purchase process.

Finding the right realtor to help you with the purchase of a tiny house can be challenging, but not impossible. Be sure that your realtor knows about the tiny house options in your area, has experience helping his or her clients secure financing, and is approved by tiny home communities to make your experience looking for a small property an enjoyable one.


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