Four Hidden Neighborhood Flaws That An Open House Might Be Hiding

Posted on: 2 March 2016

Open houses are a great way to check out multiple homes in one day and size up various neighborhoods. Many times open houses are held on the weekend during the afternoon. While this is a convenient time for most potential home buyers, it also can give sellers an opportunity to avoid showing all aspects of the neighborhood. Here are four neighborhood flaws that might not be noticeable at an open house.

1. Weekday Noise

It is important to check out surrounding areas of a home in case there is noise pollution. Sounds during weekdays might not necessarily be present on a quiet Sunday afternoon. If weekday trains, freeway noise, or flight patterns really pick up during the week, these might be nuisances that you didn't even know you were going to encounter. Research the exact location of a prospective home to make sure you won't be woken by a 5 AM commuter train rolling by every weekday morning.

2. Neighborhood Safety

Every neighborhood might seem charming on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If a home is in an urban environment, the neighborhood might not be so charming late at night. It is worth it to do your research and drive through a neighborhood at all hours of the day and night to make sure a home's location is safe at all hours.

3. Bad Neighbors

When it comes to neighbors, a few bad eggs can really start to affect your quality of life. If you see neighbors in their yards when coming to and from open homes, try to strike up a conversation about the neighborhood. Many times, potential neighbors can be more than forthcoming on any gossip. You can also drive through on an evening and make sure there aren't chronic noisy neighbors.

4. Traffic Jams

You might be excited to find a home in a more urban environment, but if this is actually located on a major thoroughfare, this could make accessibility a daily nightmare. Drive through the neighborhood around rush hour to check on your potential commute. This will let you know if the main road to a potential home is flooded with cars at certain times of the day and if it would be worth the hassle.

Real estate agents always say that when looking for a home that location is key. This can come down to pros and cons in a neighborhood as well. Make sure you are diligent about researching an area further than what is offered in property listings so that you aren't making decisions without the full picture. Contact a local agency, such as Gilbert Realty, for professional recommendations.


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