Specialized Luxury Home Inspections

Posted on: 31 August 2015

Buying a luxury home for sale means buying a home with more amenities than a traditional home. Because of this, specialized inspections must be completed to ensure all of those amenities are in good condition and won't be needing any repairs. What specialized inspections should you consider?

Pools and Spas

During a pool and spa inspection, the inspector will look over several elements, including:

  • Protective Elements – The enclosure around the pool including the gates, fence and screens.
  • Electrical – The location of the electrical outlets around the pool.
  • Surfaces – The condition of the deck, pool, spa, covers, etc.
  • Drains – The safety and condition of the drains.
  • Equipment – The pumps, filtration system, heater, piping, controls, etc.

Fountains and Ponds

Fountains and ponds give a home character and charm. With the added charm comes additional maintenance and care. When maintenance is not completed in a timely manner, pumps, waterlines and other elements of the fountains and ponds can go bad. Algae, moss and insects can be other issues to be identified before you sign on the line.

Lawn irrigation Systems

The irrigation system is an intricate system that carries water from the main water source throughout the property. There are many connections, sprinkler heads and elements that must be inspected before you buy the home to avoid getting caught by surprise by a hefty repair bill the first weeks you are living in the home.

Security and Surveillance System

Luxury homes are typically equipped with top-of-the-line security and surveillance systems. Prior to purchasing the home, have the entire system inspected. The inspector will look over the wiring, cameras, sensors, monitoring equipment and every other element of the system. He can then provide you with information about what needs to be repaired, upgraded or replaced.

Heated Driveways

Under-concrete heating systems are used to keep driveways from freezing during the winter. These systems use waterlines under the concrete to circulate heated water to keep the surface of the driveway above freezing. The heating system can go bad leaving you with a number of repair bills and a big project if you don't catch the problem before you buy the home.

Talk with your experienced real estate professional to learn more about the inspections that you must have done on a luxury home before you decide to invest in it. Hopefully, you will find your dream home, have the inspections completed and not find any issues that will prevent you from moving forward with the purchase.


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