Tips To Make Your Dog A Perfect Tenant

Posted on: 18 March 2015

According to the Companion Animal Renters Study which was conducted by FIREPAW, Inc., only 9% of available housing allows all companion animals to live onsite without size or breed restrictions. This can make it seem impossible for pet owners to find suitable living arrangements for the entire family. But, there are things you can do to make your own dog a more desirable tenant. With responsible teamwork, you and your pet can be living in a new place in no time.

  • Training: There are a few reasons landlords avoid renters with pets. They can be destructive, loud and dangerous. Ensure your dog isn't any of the above with proper training. If your dog is a chewer, and tends to consume doorframes while you're not home, work on crate training your pet so they have a safe place to stay while you can't be around to supervise. Responsible ownership entails providing boundaries for your pet, keeping them under control and managing behavior in appropriate ways.
  • Veterinary Recommendations: You love your dog, and you've been taking them for regular checkups to the veterinarian since it was a puppy. This history of care for your pet proves you are a reliable caretaker, and it will be viewed as a positive from a landlord's perspective. Ask your veterinarian for a letter of recommendation to prove your responsible manner of care for your pet.
  • Previous Landlord Statements: If you are currently in a rental situation, or have been with your pet in the past, ask them to write you a letter of recommendation, or see if they would be willing to talk to potential landlords over the phone. When a previous landlord or management company offers their recognition of your responsible behavior it can go a long way to prove you and your dog will be good tenants.
  • Save Up for a Healthy Deposit: Dogs can cause a lot of damage. It's not their fault. A dog with anxiety may be prone to chewing anything in front of it. A dog who just ran through the mud doesn't realize it just messed up the carpets. Landlords are cautious against renting to people with animals because of this. Offer up an extra deposit to help put their mind at ease.

Pet owners have an uphill battle when it comes to finding a home to rent. You can help the cause by acting as a responsible pet owner. Talk to experts like Sunworld Group Inc. for more information.


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